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Device from University of Hong Kong makes electricity from waste heat
  • Team of scientists from the University of Hong Kong have developed, and are patenting a technology for recovering electricity from low grade heat.
  • This type of heat is abundant, and available all around us, and a lot of it is essentially waste energy generated during industrial processes and energy consumption.
  • The new device, DTCC, is a bendable, stackable and low cost cell with graphene and polyaniline electrodes.
  • With 3.5% conversion efficiency, the device is better than any other thermo-electrochemical or thermo-electric system.
  • The team established a start-up to commercialize the technology.

ISPs want to spy on your internet usage, and Google is trying to protect you from it
  • Tech giants, including Google, are fighting with Internet Service Providers over all of the internet users’ rights to a secure DNS.
  • The DNS is the first step in connecting a user to the website she wants to view, and it’s also the least secure step, where ISP’s can easily spy on their users.
  • Google and Firefox are advocating that users should be able to at least choose a secure DNS, but the ultimate goal is to make it the standard.

New gold created - lighter, better, and customizable
  • Using an intriguing new process, scientists can now create real gold with different material properties.
  • They do this by embedding gold nanocrystals in a mesh of protein fibers and plastic, resulting in 18-karat gold that weighs around 5 to 10 times less than standard gold.
  • It can be worked just like real gold, and used in jewellery as well as industrial applications.
  • The material can also be customized to have different characteristics by changing the composition, and replacing the type of plastic used as the base.

India rolls out financial data protection systems more sophisticated than in the West
  • Financial institutions in India are rolling out data protection systems that aim to give consumers and businesses complete control over their financial data.
  • Essentially, one will have a joint account that accumulates all of one’s financial info, and will be able to choose which data to share with an institution.
  • Whereas in the West, it’s the other way around - we don’t know how much, or what kind of data institutions have about us, and we can’t control how they use it.
  • The main challenge in introducing the system will be to help Indians understand it, as much of the population is poorly educated.

Psychedelics improve our psychological wellbeing
  • Study finds causal relationship between psychedelic use and increased nature-relatedness.
  • In other words, we appreciate nature more after we use psychedelics.
  • It’s not the only way to get closer to nature, going out on a hike might be enough for most people.
  • However, the finding does prove that psychedelics have a positive effect on our psychological wellbeing.



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