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Controlling superconducting regions within an exotic metal
  • By combining a novel metal, CeIrIn5, with a sapphire crystal, scientists can draw superconducting circuits into the crystal.
  • Until now, the superconducting states were virtually impossible to manipulate in superconductors.
  • CeIrIn5 has a unique property where some of it can be superconductive, while other parts of it retain a normal metallic state.
  • Scientists that discovered this have also created a model that enables the design of complex conducting patterns by varying the temperature of the material.
  • This could lead to new technologies, including a quantum version of a conventional transistor.

Light-based strategy effectively treats carbon monoxide poisoning in rats
  • Oxygen ventilation could be a more effective for carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning when coupled with phototherapy.
  • When CO poisoning is associated with lung injury, a typical oxygen treatment is ineffective and sometimes dangerous.
  • For a new treatment, scientists combined light that can detach CO from hemoglobin, with a membrane that enables oxygenation of blood and removal of CO.
  • So far it’s only been tested in rats, where it increased the rate of CO removal by 3 times, and increased the survival rate of treated rats.

In A 1st, Doctors In U.S. Use CRISPR Tool To Treat Patient With Genetic Disorder
  • First patient, in a study that will involve up to 45 people aged 18 - 35, has been successfully injected with over 2 billion CRISPR-edited cells.
  • The patient suffers from sickle cell -- genetic disease causing defective hemoglobin that deforms red blood cells, impairing their ability to carry oxygen.
  • Sickle cell has dramatic, long-term effects, and this treatment could help sickle cell patients lead a normal life.
  • Scientists extract bone marrow cells from the patient, edit a gene that will make them produce fetal hemoglobin, and inject them again.
  • Since it’s an experimental treatment, it will take several months to detect first signs of it, and years to understand whether it actually helped the patients.

Meet the Rich Kids Who Want to Give Away All Their Money
  • Resource Generation, a group of wealthy young people across America, are using their capital to transfer power to financially struggling communities.
  • They want to decrease the earnings gap, and help more people have access to the opportunities that few -- except the wealthy -- can afford.
  • The group is focused on smart redistribution of wealth, and wants to encourage people to openly talk about money and status.
  • It has been around since the 1990s, and in the first half of 2019 members pledged $20 million to social justice and grassroots organizations.

Back from the dead: Some corals regrow after 'fatal' warming
  • 38% of coral colonies, lost to a heat wave in 2003 around Spain’s Columbretes Islands, show signs of regrowth.
  • This finding is promising in terms of saving coral reefs around the world.
  • Coral is made of thousands of tiny creatures called polyps which, in the damaged coral, shrunk and gradually -- over several years -- grew into new formations.
  • It’s the first time that this phenomenon was observed and it gives hope.
  • However, the regrowth is still too slow, ~3 millimeters per year, considering that heat waves are happening more often.



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