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Scientists discover Hawaiian ‘Supercorals’ thriving in warm, acidic water
  • Environmental pollution, climate change, and overfishing have caused the destruction of more than half of the world's coral reefs.
  • However, a group of researchers has found in Hawaii a species of coral that can withstand warmer and more acidic waters.
  • Scientists believe that the discovery of these "supercorals" represents a hope to preserve a part of the reefs that still remain in the oceans.
  • Nonetheless, the study suggests that if the impact of climate change and environmental pollution does not diminish, coral reefs will disappear from the planet.

Death of a close friend “can impact health for years”
  • A research carried out at the National Australian University, and Stirling University found that the death of a close friend may affect a person's physical and mental health for up to four years.
  • Researchers collected data from 26 thousand people over 14 years and found that those who have experienced the death of a close friend suffered a range of negative consequences.
  • Generally, women tend to suffer a greater deterioration in health than men.
  • The study suggests the need to guarantee adequate help to provide support to those affected by this human experience.

People’s sense of control over their actions is reduced at a fundamental level when they’re angry or afraid
  • A group of researchers measured the “intentional binding” of several participants and observed that when they were angry or afraid they tended to lose control of their actions.
  • The “intentional binding” is a test in which the participants press the button of a clock that rotates permanently and they say what time the clock indicated when they pushed the button.
  • According to the evidence, the people who control their actions tend to push the button on the clock later than those who cannot control their actions.
  • The main limitation of this study was that the researchers did not measure the “intentional binding” when the participants were happy.
  • Based on ethical and moral aspects, the reduction of the control of actions caused by anger or fear cannot be taken as an excuse to defend criminals, the study suggests.

Release of '13 Reasons Why' associated with increase in youth suicide rates
  • A study has linked the Netflix television show "13 Reasons Why" with the growth in suicide rates among youth ages 10 to 17 in the United States in April 2017.
  • The study was carried out by researchers from several universities, hospitals and the Mental Health Institute of the USA using data on the suicide rates that occurred between the years 2013 and 2017.
  • The results of this research suggested the need to treat the issue of suicide in a careful and sensitive way in television and social media.
  • This suggestion coincides with the growing information that exists on this delicate topic.
  • The main limitation of this investigation was the possibility that other events not studied could increase the suicide rates during the investigated period.

Parents more uncomfortable with gender-nonconforming behaviors in boys, study finds
  • An investigation reveals how parents react to their children who do not conform to their gender.
  • The results indicated that gender disagreement is more frequent in girls than in boys, and it was observed that parents tend to accept this behavior more in daughters than in sons.
  • It was appreciated that parents tend to accept this conduct more when children participate more often in gender-non conforming actions.
  • The study had several limitations, such as the size of the sample and the social characteristics of the surveyed population, so it cannot be generalized to the entire United State of America.



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