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Couples who communicate more about sex tend to have better sex, study finds
  • An article published in the journal of Sex Research suggests that partners who talk more about sexual topics have better sexual functioning.
  • The research included 12,145 participants from 148 previous studies.
  • It was observed that the sexual desire of the women is strongly linked to the sexual communication she has with her partner.
  • Similarly, sexual communication and sexual function were more intense in married couples.
  • The authors pointed out that the research presented several limitations and did not explain why sexual functioning and sexual communication were related.

Emotional violence in childhood, adolescence associated with suicidal thoughts
  • An investigation revealed that emotional violence in infancy "significantly" increases the likelihood of considering suicide in adolescence.
  • The study published in the journal of Child Abuse & Neglect was carried out on a sample of young people from Haiti, Kenya and Tanzania.
  • The study suggests that medical institutions should implement psychological support programs to prevent suicide in youths that were victims of emotional violence.
  • Most of the respondents that contemplated suicide were young women.

Apple is now the privacy-as-a-service company
  • At WWDC 2019, Apple offers privacy -as -a -service as one of its important complements.
  • In this conference, Apple demonstrated that it is becoming a company that is developing a single sign-on service in iOS 13.
  • In its strategy, Apple tries to leave the control of privacy in the users, instead of providing control through contracts.
  • By offering an integral consumer services product, Apple competitively differentiates itself from other companies that provide similar offers, such as Google.

Physicists can predict the jumps of Schrödinger’s cat (and finally save it)
  • The paradox of Schrödinger's cat refers to a black cat enclosed in a box sealed with a radioactive source and a poison that will activate when the radioactive substance disintegrates.
  • According to the theory of the superposition of states of quantum mechanics, until someone opens the box the cat is alive or dead.
  • When you open the box and observe the cat, a quantum jump occurs in a non-continuous way and its quantum state changes suddenly and randomly and the cat will be alive or dead, according to Niels Bohr.
  • In relation to this quantum argument, an experiment described in the journal Nature reveals that quantum jumps are continuous and predictable, and the cat can be saved.
  • This discovery opens new perspectives to control quantum information and can be useful in the design of quantum computers.

New compound which kills antibiotic-resistant superbugs discovered
  • A new compound capable of killing bacteria resistant to known antibiotics is described in an article published in the journal ACS Nano.
  • The new compound can kill gram-negative bacteria immune to common antibiotics such as pathogenic E. coli, according to the researchers.
  • Gram-negative bacteria can cause dangerous infections in the bloodstream, and in the respiratory, urinary and digestive tracts.
  • It is estimated that the numerous infections caused by these bacteria could cause the death of approximately 10 million people in the year 2050.
  • This discovery is a hope to develop more potent antibiotics to kill these super bacteria that threaten human health.



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