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From the Lunar far side, China’s rover reveals moon’s hidden depths
  • Chinese scientists publish data on the mission Chang'e-4 that landed in a crater at the south pole of the moon.
  • According to the published information, the lunar mantle is composed mainly of pyroxene and olivine.
  • These chemical elements were detected by means of spectroscopic sensors installed in the spaceship.
  • Researchers expect to confirm this information by analyzing samples that will be brought to earth in a future mission.

Psychedelics' role in beating alcoholism illustrated in LSD, psilocybin study
  • Psychedelic substances can be beneficial to beat alcoholism reveals an investigation conducted at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.
  • The article published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology indicated that 83% of the participants of the study changed their lifestyle and reduced or stopped the consumption of alcohol.
  • The penetrating psychological experience that causes psilocybin can be the cause of success that helps reduce alcoholism, says the author of the article.
  • The results of this research suggest that psychedelic drugs may be helpful in beating other additions and psychological disorders.

The surprising truth about perfectionism in millennials
  • The study conducted with young university students from Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom showed that millennials are a generation with perfectionist trends.
  • The observed results are only applicable to the university students investigated and cannot be generalized to all millennials.
  • According to the study, perfectionism is a cultural characteristic, and millennials seek perfectionism as a tendency to secure social approval.
  • Research suggests that the ability to feel happy with oneself is partly influenced by the cultural circumstances of the generation to which you belong.

Sugary drink sales in Philadelphia fall 38% after city adopted soda tax, study finds
  • An investigation finds that sales of soft drinks decreased by 38% in Philadelphia after applying a tax on these beverages.
  • However, the study published in the Journal of the American Medical Society noted that sales declined in Philadelphia, but increased in other nearby cities.
  • Supporters think that raising taxes on sugary drinks will help reduce diabetes, obesity and health problems associated with excessive sugar consumption.
  • Opponents of this measure express that the rise in these taxes affects families and workers of small commercial establishments in the city.
  • After Berkeley (California), Philadelphia is the second city in the United States that takes this measure to raise taxes on sweet drinks.

Scientists find genetic reason why store-bought tomatoes taste so bland
  • The study indicates that the tomatoes that most people buy in stores are tasteless because they lack a gene that transmits the flavor and color of tomatoes: the TomLoxC gene.
  • The authors of the research came to this conclusion after analyzing the genetic information of more than 700 species of wild and domestic tomatoes.
  • The analysis showed that tomatoes grown on domestic farms lacked more than 5,000 genes, including those for protection against diseases and the gene for flavor and color.
  • The lack of these genes is not due to genetic manipulations but to the selection of species that over time only took into account the search for size, profitable production, and shelf life of the tomato.
  • The results of this research will allow incorporating genes that contribute to improving the flavor and protection of tomatoes grown against disease-producing agents.



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