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Device from University of Hong Kong makes electricity from waste heat
  • Team of scientists from the University of Hong Kong have developed, and are patenting a technology for recovering electricity from low grade heat.
  • This type of heat is abundant, and available all around us, and a lot of it is essentially waste energy generated during industrial processes and energy consumption.
  • The new device, DTCC, is a bendable, stackable and low cost cell with graphene and polyaniline electrodes.
  • With 3.5% conversion efficiency, the device is better than any other thermo-electrochemical or thermo-electric system.
  • The team established a start-up to commercialize the technology.

New gold created - lighter, better, and customizable
  • Using an intriguing new process, scientists can now create real gold with different material properties.
  • They do this by embedding gold nanocrystals in a mesh of protein fibers and plastic, resulting in 18-karat gold that weighs around 5 to 10 times less than standard gold.
  • It can be worked just like real gold, and used in jewellery as well as industrial applications.
  • The material can also be customized to have different characteristics by changing the composition, and replacing the type of plastic used as the base.

Non-profit proves viability of 3D printing for building homes for underserved communities
  • Non-profit org New Story prints first houses for poor people in a rural area in Mexico, promising to print 50 more, and already planning to expand to other countries.
  • They’re cooperating with Icon, a company that has developed a 3D printer for homes, and already tested it in other projects.
  • The printer is so smart that it even optimizes the cement mix that it pours based on levels of humidity in the air.
  • New story has already built 2,700 homes in Haiti, El Salvador, Bolivia and Mexico, and 3D printing will help them do it faster and less expensively.

Magnetic Quantum Computing Circuit doesn’t need any electricity
  • MIT researchers have made a magnetic circuit that generates 0s and 1s without any electrical input.
  • The device consists of layered nanofilms of magnetic materials, separated into two halves by a nanometer-wide wall.
  • It is a promising new approach to building quantum computers, one that requires only the natural magnetic properties of materials to work.
  • Researchers compare it to a water pipe, in which you can control how the spin wave (quantum property of electrons) moves across magnetic materials.
  • So far it’s not usable, but researchers are planning to build a working circuit and perform basic calculations with it, to see if the device is viable.

Hologram-like device animates objects using ultrasound waves
  • New type of hologram uses ultrasound waves to trace 3D objects with a tiny polystyrene grain.
  • It can trace an object within one-tenth of a second, making the movement of the grain completely invisible to our eyes, and leaving just the visualised object.
  • The device relies on two horizontal plates which control the movement of the grain, and built-in LED lights that add color to the objects.
  • This is a promising technology which, in the far future, could lead to 3D holograms which look like real objects.




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