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A new scheme for satellite-based quantum-secure time transfer
  • New satellite-based quantum information exchange protocol uses two-way quantum key distribution in free space to encrypt communications between devices.
  • With this protocol, any third-party attempt to capture even a single photon will change the quantum state, which can later be verified.
  • This protocol is demonstrated in the World’s first satellite equipped for quantum communications, the Micius, launched back in 2016.
  • It’s the first satellite based quantum information exchange using single photons, and the results are comparable to state-of-the-art systems that use lasers.
  • Next, the researchers plan to build a satellite-based global-scale quantum network to test the protocol and find practical applications for it.

The Data Matrix and the Data Decay Dilemma
  • The Data Network Effect happens when, by using an app and adding data to it, you make the app better for everyone.
  • One such app is Waze, where drivers add alerts about road conditions en masse, making the app better for everyone.
  • The crucial keys to Data Network Effects are that the app has to own the data, and the users need to actively, regularly improve the data.
  • Data Network Effects can be diminished when apps rely on historical data, and the best solution to it is building an app around real-time data.
  • Overall, as an app creator, to benefit from Data Network effects you should build a geographically limited app, because history shows that if you go global you'll need an early exit plan.

Fossil fuel-free jet propulsion with air plasmas
  • Team of scientists from the Wuhan Institute of Technological Sciences has developed a prototype of a jet engine that uses microwave air plasmas as propulsion.
  • The device generates high-temperature, high-pressure plasma (4th state of matter) using injected air and electricity, so it’s not exactly fossil fuel-free as the article states.
  • The upside is that it doesn’t generate large amounts of carbon emissions, but the device is in very early stages of testing.
  • It could potentially be scaled by building a large array of these devices to power a full-sized jet.
  • So far it successfuly lifted a 1-kilogram steel ball over a 24-mm diameter quartz tube.

Lenovo will start offering ThinkPads with Linux pre-installed
  • One of the world’s biggest PC makers is following Dell with a plan to offer new laptops with Ubuntu pre-installed.
  • Their pilot program is called Linux Community Series and includes several devices, the selection will be increased if there is enough demand for linux laptops.
  • While it’s not groundbreaking news, it’s awesome to see companies becoming more open to linux, and including it in their products by default.
  • Perhaps this is what we need to get things like a normal gaming experience on Ubuntu, and eventually get away from the walled gardens of Mac OS and Windows.

First-principles calculations shed light on semiconductor defects
  • Researchers discover potential defects in ‘the world’s second-favorite semiconductor’ — gallium nitride (GaN), used in satellites, space crafts, and nuclear devices.
  • All of these uses expose GaN to high-energy particle irradiation, leading to a lot of different issues, some of which are grouped as “defect pairs”.
  • Studying all the 21 different types of defect pairs that can form, researchers decided to perform first-principles calculations.
  • The results of these calculations will be fundamental for future multiscale simulations of radiation damages to GaN semiconductors.
  • All of this data will help scientists engineer GaN-based devices with longer lifetimes, and resistant to radiation.




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