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Psychedelics' role in beating alcoholism illustrated in LSD, psilocybin study
  • Psychedelic substances can be beneficial to beat alcoholism reveals an investigation conducted at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.
  • The article published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology indicated that 83% of the participants of the study changed their lifestyle and reduced or stopped the consumption of alcohol.
  • The penetrating psychological experience that causes psilocybin can be the cause of success that helps reduce alcoholism, says the author of the article.
  • The results of this research suggest that psychedelic drugs may be helpful in beating other additions and psychological disorders.

Passion trumps love for sex in relationships
  • New psychological study suggests that women hold exclusive power over the frequency of sex in relationships.
  • And how often they want to have sex depends exclusively on how passionate their relationships are.
  • It turns out that no other factors - happiness, level of commitment, intimacy, trust - are as important as passion.
  • The study included 92 couples aged 19 to 30, who have been together from one month to nine years.
  • However these findings probably don’t apply to all cultures, just those in which gender equality and female sexual control prevail.

Sugary drink sales in Philadelphia fall 38% after city adopted soda tax, study finds
  • An investigation finds that sales of soft drinks decreased by 38% in Philadelphia after applying a tax on these beverages.
  • However, the study published in the Journal of the American Medical Society noted that sales declined in Philadelphia, but increased in other nearby cities.
  • Supporters think that raising taxes on sugary drinks will help reduce diabetes, obesity and health problems associated with excessive sugar consumption.
  • Opponents of this measure express that the rise in these taxes affects families and workers of small commercial establishments in the city.
  • After Berkeley (California), Philadelphia is the second city in the United States that takes this measure to raise taxes on sweet drinks.

Death of a close friend “can impact health for years”
  • A research carried out at the National Australian University, and Stirling University found that the death of a close friend may affect a person's physical and mental health for up to four years.
  • Researchers collected data from 26 thousand people over 14 years and found that those who have experienced the death of a close friend suffered a range of negative consequences.
  • Generally, women tend to suffer a greater deterioration in health than men.
  • The study suggests the need to guarantee adequate help to provide support to those affected by this human experience.

Math teachers should be more like football coaches
  • Ph.D. candidate in mathematics from the MIT proposes a new approach for math teachers - learn to inspire kids as football coaches do.
  • Nobody expects math teachers to even tell kids about the brightest minds in math history, let alone inspire them to reach similar goals.
  • Whereas a growing body of research is proving that students need more than a great study plan - they need passionate teachers, a sense of purpose, and support.
  • The author suggests that both students and teachers could benefit from this new approach.




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