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The start-up bubble is finally bursting (a little bit)
  • Insane start-up market growth is slowing down, with over 30 start-ups cutting 8,000 jobs in just the last 4 months, and much fewer investments in young companies.
  • Startups like Casper, a mattress market disruptor that raised over $300 million in venture capital, are plummeting as soon as they enter the stock market.
  • Other examples include e-scooter giant Lime that pulled out of several countries, or WeWork, which announced a 2,400 people layoff last November.
  • Even marijuana start-ups are facing significant difficulties, despite having collectively raised $2.6 billion in 2019.
  • This might not become the next dot-com bubble, but it is a sign that start-ups cannot do irrational things anymore, like forgoing profit in order to disrupt markets.

Level of education found to be a good predictor of how long people live
  • Since 2014, there has been an unprecedented decline in life expectancy in the US, and the reason might be lack of education.
  • Study shows that only 12.71 out of 1,000 college graduates are at risk of early death, whereas for high school and lower education levels it is 61.69 out of 1,000.
  • To uncover this, researchers analyzed data from 5,114 Americans, collected since participants enrolled in a coronary artery risk study back in 1984.
  • The conclusion is that increasing one’s education might bring about positive changes in health and financial stability.

Review of air pollution reduction measures shows that they have positive health outcomes
  • After reviewing several case studies, a team of researchers found that air pollution reduction measures can significantly reduce respiratory health issues.
  • Temporary reductions in pollution output (like during Olympics) resulted in health improvements for the local population after just a few weeks.
  • One of the most successful measures was the U.S. Clean Air Act, which generated monetary benefits 32x greater than the costs.
  • Other case studies included bans on smoking, as well as household pollution reduction measures, like stove upgrades and air filter and purifier usage.
  • Experts say that the best way to battle the problem of air pollution is to get informed and spread the knowledge, because we need large-scale collective action.

ISPs want to spy on your internet usage, and Google is trying to protect you from it
  • Tech giants, including Google, are fighting with Internet Service Providers over all of the internet users’ rights to a secure DNS.
  • The DNS is the first step in connecting a user to the website she wants to view, and it’s also the least secure step, where ISP’s can easily spy on their users.
  • Google and Firefox are advocating that users should be able to at least choose a secure DNS, but the ultimate goal is to make it the standard.

India rolls out financial data protection systems more sophisticated than in the West
  • Financial institutions in India are rolling out data protection systems that aim to give consumers and businesses complete control over their financial data.
  • Essentially, one will have a joint account that accumulates all of one’s financial info, and will be able to choose which data to share with an institution.
  • Whereas in the West, it’s the other way around - we don’t know how much, or what kind of data institutions have about us, and we can’t control how they use it.
  • The main challenge in introducing the system will be to help Indians understand it, as much of the population is poorly educated.




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