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Association of Parental Incarceration With Psychiatric and Functional Outcomes of Young Adults
  • Children whose parents went to prison are at greater risk of poor health, legal, financial and social outcomes when they grow up.
  • The strongest associations were found with anxiety disorder, felony charges, jail time, not completing high school, becoming a parent under 18, and social isolation.
  • It’s common for parents to be imprisoned, and it may sustain disadvantage from generation to generation.
  • These conclusions are based on assessments of 1420 participants through ages 13 to 30, from 1993 to 2015.

Fake News Can Lead to False Memories
  • Study, conducted around the 2018 abortion referendum in Ireland, shows the dangers of fake news.
  • 3,140 voters were presented several reports, including fake ones, and then asked questions about whether they recognized the stories.
  • Half of the participants reported a memory for at least one made-up event, many recalled rich details about a fake news story.
  • A lot of them also didn’t want to consider that their memories were based on fake stories.
  • This demonstrates the dangerous ease with which stories can be fabricated.

"Global Hate Highways" Reveal How Online Hate Clusters Multiply and Thrive
  • Social media employs ineffective methods to fight online hate, as new study shows with sophisticated mathematical mapping model.
  • Methods like banning individual users from a single platform, or banning ideologies from platforms, can actually make the problem worse.
  • The popularisers of hateful ideology easily regroup, switch platforms, and use tactics that render hate speech detection algorithms hopeless.
  • Study authors advise a different method -- randomly banning a small fraction of individuals across platforms, and sending in anti-hate advocates.

Which city is most polluted? No one knows
  • There is not enough data about PM2.5 -- pollution associated with $3 trillion in health costs in 2015.
  • It can’t be collected because there’s not enough equipment monitoring the air quality -- for example, India has only 1 monitor per 6.8 million people.
  • Study authors indicate that, because of this, any rankings of most polluted cities are simply not based on enough data to be true.
  • For accurate measurements, it would take 1 monitor per 1 million people around the world joined in an integrated monitoring framework.
  • Achieving this goal would enable more precise atmospheric modeling and air quality forecasting.

Shift to renewable electricity a win-win at statewide level
  • Study of northern USA shows that the health co-benefits of increasing renewable energy are bigger than the cost of implementing climate policies.
  • One of such policies is RPS - Renewable Portfolio Standards, requiring electricity suppliers to use a percentage of renewable power.
  • MIT research team developed a new framework, combining economic and air-pollution models to study the effect of policies on air quality, health and economy.
  • These results confirm other studies that found health co-benefits of policies to be bigger than the cost of implementing them.
  • The benefits come from reducing healthcare costs of treating people who have been exposed to too much PM2.5, the main pollutant from burning fossils.




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