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New state of matter in one-dimensional quantum gas
  • Scientists built a quantum version of the Archimedes screw which can stabilize gas atoms completely.
  • The screw also lets them observe scar states, an extremely rare repeating particle pattern in a quantum system - it’s only the second known observation ever.
  • They were trying to tweak a super Tonks-Girardeau gas, a highly excited one-dimensional quantum gas, which usually doesn’t hold up in experiments.
  • But here, researchers were able to make the gas remain stable no matter what, a result that was pretty much shocking to them.
  • The discovery doesn’t have an immediate application, but it’s a new addition to the science that will drive the creation and adoption of quantum technology.

New Quantum Algorithms Finally Crack Nonlinear Equations
  • We can’t predict the weather, among many other complex issues, because computers still can’t solve nonlinear equations.
  • But this might change soon, as two different research teams created algorithms that can be used for nonlinear modelling on quantum computers.
  • Their techniques still need refining, and won’t be real-world ready for years, but these studies are another stepping stone towards truly useful quantum algorithms.

Researchers identify gene responsible for cellular aging
  • Through cellular reprogramming - common approach to reverse cell aging - they identified genes involved in rejuvenating mesenchymal stem/stromal cells (MSCs).
  • Thus, they know the pathway that controls the aging of MSCs.
  • Study authors believe this to be a significant contribution to progress in regenerative medicine.

Physicists Nail Down the ‘Magic Number’ That Shapes the Universe
  • Physicists are coming closer to nail the exact value of the fine-structure constant, alpha, which was known to be close to 1/137.
  • Many famous physicists were enamored with it, saying it’s the golden ratio.
  • It’s everywhere, and controls how electromagnetic forces affect charged particles like electrons and protons.
  • “In our everyday world, everything is either gravity or electromagnetism. And that’s why alpha is so important”.
  • The new super precise measurement puts the value of alpha at 1/137.03599920611.

Physicists Pin Down Nuclear Reaction From Moments After the Big Bang
  • They simulated the Big Bang in a lab, and measured the reaction rate of deuterium hit by a proton beam, revealing key details about the first minutes after the Big Bang.
  • Deuterium’s creation was the first step in Big Bang nucleosynthesis, a sequence of nuclear reactions that happened when cosmos was a soup of protons and neutrons.
  • The measurement allowed physicists to compare cosmos in the first few minutes to 380,000 years later, when it cooled down enough for electrons to orbit atomic nuclei.
  • It basically tells us that the standard model of cosmology is so far pretty correct.




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