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A Growth Mindset Intervention Can Change Students’ Grades if School Culture is Supportive
  • Online sessions promoting a growth mindset can improve school performance, per study of 12,000 9th graders from 65 public high schools across the US.
  • Lower-achieving students earned slightly better grades following the program, and were more eager to enroll in hard classes.
  • Compared to other large-scale educational interventions, the effects of this program are substantial.
  • There’s a caveat -- for the program to work, support from parents, teachers and school administrators is required to create fertile ground for education and growth.
  • Study author says that this discovery begins a new era of mindset research.

What Leads to Romantic Attraction: Similarity, Reciprocity, Security, or Beauty? Evidence From a Speed-Dating Study
  • Study on 108 heterosexual college students shows that, in a speed-dating setting, beauty is the largest predictor of attraction.
  • Physical attractiveness was the strongest predictor of attraction for both sexes - not security or emotional attachment.
  • The study was limited, but provides inspiration for future research to discover the process that governs romantic attraction.

Brain Scans Show Why a Common Depression Therapy Doesn't Help Some Patients
  • Trying to understand which depression patients would respond to CBT, researchers find that those who are helped by CBT are better at reinforcement learning.
  • Looking at fMRI brain scans of 37 patients, the team noticed that those positively affected by CBT had greater activity in the right striatum and right amygdala.
  • CBT is an established treatment for depression and anxiety, but on average it only helps 45% of patients.
  • The understanding of these mental disorders is still poor.
  • Studying these issues could lead to better, more personalised and precise treatments.

Scientists studied the brains of more than 800 prisoners. Here’s what they found.
  • Prisoners whom attempted or commited murder literally have smaller brains.
  • Study of 800 prisoners’ brain scans shows that the homicide-inclined ones had less gray matter in regions associated with emotional processing and behavioral control.
  • The data was collected for more than 10 years, across eight prisons.
  • However, it doesn’t prove that reduced brain matter causes homicidal tendencies.

Supervisors Driven By Bottom Line Fail To Get Top Performance From Employees, Baylor Study Says
  • Managers who focus only on profits, and disregard employee well-being, ethics and environmental concerns, might actually be hurting profits.
  • This is based on a survey of 433 supervisors with 433 of their respective employees in various jobs and industries.
  • High-BLM (Bottom Line Mentality) managers build low-quality relationships, which leads to employees withholding performance.
  • Even when both supers and employees have high-BLM, the negative performance is still evident.
  • Supervisors hold more responsibility for profit, but when their BLM becomes too much, they might be sacrificing employee respect, loyalty and liking.




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