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We can tell where a whale has travelled from the themes in its song
  • Whales sing different songs in different regions of the world, and whales that pass through a new place also learn its song.
  • By recording whale songs in different locations and breaking them down, researchers identified three distinct song types from 52 whales.
  • Type 1 dominated the central Pacific, type 2 was common in the west, and type 3 was only heard near eastern Australia.
  • This means that scientists can pinpoint where a whale has come from by the song its singing.

Humans haven’t just changed what dogs look like—we’ve altered the very structure of their brains
  • Profound insights from new study show that humans have influenced the development of dog brains -- not just their looks and physical traits.
  • Analysis of MRI brain scans from 62 purebred dogs uncovered six networks in dog brains that varied from dog to dog, depending on what they were bred for.
  • For example, police dogs had differences in the sight and smell network, and fighting dogs showed alterations in the stress response and anxiety network.
  • The study shows that we have a greater influence on the beings around us than we thought.

Clever crows
  • Cleverly designed experiment on 15 Caledonian crows shows that animals can enjoy using tools to solve tasks.
  • Series of tests have shown that crows are more optimistic after tool use.
  • It suggests that there’s much more going on in their heads than we thought, and they can enjoy problem-solving just like humans do.
  • Study author hopes these findings will be used to improve the enclosures of captive animals by adding complex, species-specific enrichment.

Trendy e-scooters might not be as green as they seem
  • E-scooters can benefit your local environment only if you use them instead of your car.
  • Mining materials for them, and manufacturing these vehicles generates pollution.
  • So does collecting them and transporting them to charging stations, which is usually done by employees in private cars.
  • If you don’t use e-scooters to replace your vehicle, then it’s less carbon intensive to just walk or bike.

Sunscreen's Growing Effect on Seawater Is Terrible News for Tourism
  • Sunscreen needs to change, as several studies hint at the environmental and health dangers of these products.
  • New study shows that sunscreen releases a lot of metals and inorganic nutrients into coastal waters.
  • On a regular beach day, sunscreen can increase the concentration of aluminium and titanium in coastal waters by 4% and 20% respectively.
  • Sunscreen chemicals are already linked to coral stress and death, hormonal changes in dolphins, altered reproductive patterns in fish, and more.
  • But sunscreen is still necessary, as skin cancer is dangerous -- so study authors say we need new, environmentally-friendly products.




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