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End to Aids in sight as huge study finds drugs stop HIV transmission
  • The study provides indisputable proof that HIV+ gay men on suppressive antiretroviral therapy have zero risks of transferring the virus.
  • In ~1,000 male couples across Europe, with one partner receiving treatment, there were no cases of infecting an HIV-negative partner during sex without a condom.
  • Scientists say the message needs to be spread, and all HIV+ people need access to care.
  • In 2017 there were almost 40 million people with HIV around the world, with 21.7 million on antiretroviral treatment.

No safe amount of alcohol during pregnancy, suggest researchers
  • Researchers used chaos theory to prove that it is never safe to drink alcohol during pregnancy.
  • The team created a sophisticated computer technique to determine the long-term effects of the fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD).
  • Data from 19 FASD patients and 21 non-FASD patients revealed several parts of the brain with impaired connectivity in the FASD group.
  • FASD patients were more likely to have deficits in the brain tissue that connects the left and right halves, similar to those in people with schizophrenia, autism, or depression.

World's first malaria vaccine to go to 360,000 African children
  • 219M cases in 2017 compared to 217M in 2016 suggest that Malaria is making a comeback, so WHO has organized a large-scale project to deliver vaccines.
  • The vaccine - RTS,S aka Mosquirix - has been in testing since 1987, and it could save tens of thousands of children’s lives.
  • The World’s first Malaria vaccine will be received by around 360,000 children in three African countries.
  • Malaria is treatable and preventable, but ~435,000 people still die of it each year.

'Dismantling cancer' reveals weak spots
  • Scientists used Crispr to dismantle almost 20,000 genes from 300 lab-grown tumors of 30 different types of cancer and found 600 potential targets for new drugs.
  • Current treatments, like chemotherapy, undesirably damage healthy cells throughout the body, and the study is a big step towards solving this issue.
  • Overall the goal is to create a “Cancer Dependency Map” of vulnerabilities in different cancers so that doctors could administer drugs which would kill only cancerous cells.
  • This study, however, is just the starting point.

Mount Sinai researchers develop treatment that turns tumors into cancer vaccine factories
  • Scientists have developed a treatment that led to months, even years of full remission in a few patients out of 11 tested in clinical trial.
  • The treatment involves injecting multiple immune stimulants directly into a tumor.
  • First, they stimulate dendritic cells (“generals” of immunity), which then instruct T cells (“soldiers” of immunity) to kill cancer cells throughout the body.
  • This essentially creates a cancer vaccine factory within the patient.
  • The research continues with trials involving breast, head, and neck cancer patients.




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